AirLive Central Wireless
AirLive Central Wireless
AirLive Central Wireless

AirLive Central Wireless

AirLive Software AP manage system

Resumen de características
  • Device Discovery for AirLive Access Point
  • Monitor and configuration AirLive Access Point
  • Multiple Setting including security, access control, Output Power
  • Multiple Firmware Upgrade
  • Auto IP supported
  • Multiple SSID and VLAN tag for AC.TOP
  • Intuitive Interface
AirLive Central Wireless, it is PC base free software which can work with N.TOP, AC.TOP, AC-1200R and AC-1200UR.
AirLive Access Point such as N.TOP or AC.TOP can operate in standalone mode for your office network or a classroom. If your network requires several Access Point units especially for ceiling mount Access Point, how to centrally manage and monitor them will be expected. AirLive Central Wireless lets control and monitors your company or classroom’s AP become easier.
Intuitive Interface to change AP configuration
AirLive Central Wireless features the easies to use user interface. User can configure and changed AP’s wireless key SSID ,network setting as well as virtually all the important function of the AC.TOP including the firmware upgrade.
Device Discovery
AirLive Central Wireless can discover AirLive Wireless devices’ IP address , even if the device have difference IP Subnet.
Support Auto IP
Both AirLive’s Access Point and AirLive Central Wireless support the automatic private IP (Auto IP). The benefit of the Auto IP is that it allows AirLive Central Wireless and access point working in difference subnet or even with same IP address. This let AirLive’s AP “plug and play” without consider any IP setting.
Some office will set their N.TOP/AC.TOP in other subnet for security reason, but this makes the managed of the Access Point become more difficult. With the AirLive Central Wireless , it can manage directly without changing the subnet of the computer.
Multiple setting and firmware upgrade
For security reason, some MISer people frequency change office wireless password. AirLive Central Wireless allow to change All Access Points’ the SSID, security together. In addition , when MIS want to block some MAC address , they can set it once in AirLive Central Wireless and apply to all of the Access Point. Moreover, it allow MIS people to upgrade AP’s firmware together. Thus AirLive Central Wireless reduces precious time for MIS.
MultiSSID and VLAN
For the AC.TOP , MIS will set multiSSID with difference VLAN tag for difference group , AirLive Central Wireless allow user to set the multiSSID and VLAN tag at the same time for the AC.TOP. This reduces many time for the MIS to do this complicated setting.
AirLive Central Wireless
Mini Hardware Requirement
  - CPU: Intel Core i3 or above
  - Ram : 2GB is recommended
  - Network Card: Gigabit Network is suggested
Min Software requirement
  - Windows 7, 8, 10
Support Access Point
N.TOP, AC.TOP , AC-1200R, AC-1200UR
Software function
Device Search and Add
  - Discovery the AP and add into“Manage”
Management function
  - IP change, SSID , Broadcast SSID, Band , channel, Tx Power, Client limit, Security, Access Control , Time , and Firmware update, VLAN (AC.TOP only)
  - Set the username and password for the AirLive Central Wireless

Software & Firmware

  • AirLive Central Wireless Setup Win7Above Details 2016/11/09

AirLive soware AP management system